※Permission to upload this as been granted by the original artist

Hello, I’m sorry to say you probably shouldn’t include ”※Permission to upload this as been granted by the original artist” on this post because I do not ever recall getting a message asking if it was okay to repost this on tumblr! I posted this drawing yesterday on pixiv and on my tumblr myself.

Please don’t blatantly just copy-paste ‘permission was granted’ when you got none of my consent whatsoever. I do not mind my art being reposted at all, however, the fact that you lied about getting my permission is what’s truly sad.

LMAO this is why you don’t reblog reposted art at all because people pull this shit ^O^


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im sorry to anon for my sarcastic and mean replies but i literally have like over 30 replies and ask answers clarifying the post so LMAO 

匿名: It's funny because you're the one that can never read their own posts. Saying it would be "dangerous" to sell them, then back pedaling and saying it was never a legal issue. The only danger was assholes like you harassing her. You were the threat the entire time. So gross.

I’m sorry you skipped english class so many times :( 

匿名: So only after she's gotten all your stupid harassment you'll admit that you didn't even try to ask her to label her charms and that you were wrong, fuck you guys lol

do u kno how 2 read





Then what is this warning here for? You write up this whole post for a “warning” against coyfish’s products which in itself would have been fine if you just wanted to tell people they weren’t official, though you also could have sufficed with simply asking her for a clearer disclaimer on the product’s page, which you didn’t. You told her to not make them, which is completely different.

However it doesn’t serve as just a warning at all, as you had to put personal affairs and interactions in a way that puts coyfish in a bad light instead of just saying “hey guys these aren’t official merch and just wanted to let you guys know that because even if I’m unapproving of the style, I can’t control what she does with them.” You put in a crudely testified side-by-side picture and your own opinions to try and sway people into agreeing with you that coyfish is wrong and rude and, if you really feel that way fine, but it does not serve as a proper warning or anything due to its bias. With the kind of attitude presented in your post I’m not sure what kind of responses you were expecting.

We can agree to disagree on coyfish’s straps. It’s your poor handling of this that I have a problem with but you can certainly carry on as you have been, if you want to reply to every quirk that comes your way? Just as you feel so strongly to let others know about your opinions on her and her product, I should be allowed to do the same about it as well along with the flak on her that I’ve seen float around.

the post was made because people had bought the charms without knowing there was official merchandise that looked just like it and they were upset when they found out. they wanted to warn future congoers in case they came across them and wouldn’t be interested knowing they’re based off official merchandise. everyone is so quick to harass the two people responsible for calling this out but hardly anyone has actually taken the time to reflect on the point on why this post was made in the first place.

fanart based directly off of official merchandise ruins the spirit of artist alley. it’s also against artist alley rules to sell merchandise that isn’t honest (copied/knockoffs/etc.). this isn’t about the legalities of copyright, it’s about someone profiting off of knockoff artwork. you have to be completely entitled to do this and think it’s okay.

nobody’s stopping you from having an opinion but the point of the post has gone past your head multiple times and now you’re just bagging on someone who made a mistake yet iamacoyfish doesn’t think they did anything wrong. OP already knows they messed up with the original post but it’s already been posted, hardly anyone has been on the artist in question’s case about this shit. they’re also claiming OP and kimqi are bullying them which is just as accusatory but the people initially hurt by this were the ones who supported iamacoyfish by purchasing these charms unknowingly. both parties are in the wrong and there’s not an “agree to disagree,” it’s just a matter of accepting that these are knockoffs and the people who called it out could have been more straightforward. maybe apologies would be appropriate.

btw im responding to this as a reblog because it’s somewhat long and addresses previous replies, but, if you want to continue, i’d prefer a private ask instead of dragging this out (thank u in advance)

Here is just my opinion based on what’s happened with this in the past days.

I do feel that we could have went about talking this out with iamacoyfish better. We went about it in a rather roundabout method which could’ve been made simpler if we addressed things more directly in the beginning.

Yes, iamacoyfish did not reply favorably to my ask, but we should have expected that to be coming and tried at least one more time to communicate with her. We were expecting more chances to continue the conversation privately so that if it seemed our points were coming across well, then we could bring up suggestions on say possibly adding more credit to the official merch. However, originally we had been hoping to convince her to stop sales on at least the charms based on the tales of friends series.

And again I regret putting private asks into the original post, but the fact of the matter is that she is still doing something wrong by selling products so closely resembling the official merchandise (that is at least in some people’s eyes she is).

Yes our post put her in a negative light, but what would you expect, since we believed she was doing something wrong?

Jamu’s original asks stated that “but it might be dangerous to sell your versions and make profit off them??” And yes, perhaps she wasn’t making as much of a profit as we might have misunderstood, but that still doesn’t change the fact that what she is doing isn’t right (again at least to some people). 

Anyways, I apologize as we could have gone about this in a better way, but I do not think this calls for personal attacks and people simply ignoring any points we try to bring up.

Thank you. 





Specifically their Tales Of and Yowamushi Pedal charms.



These are basically copies of official merchandise (Tales of Friends rubber strap collections released in 2012)

She states that she originally made these “based” on the Tales of Friends rubber straps (but they are literally almost…

Oh snap… i saw these on storenvy and thought they were really cute!
I thought she was the original artist of the official merch because the
style was so similar agsgafdjaf

There’s a lot of controversy over this issue it seems. :O
I do see that her charms are different from the real merch in that
they have food items which is really cute T v T );;; Not to mention,
slight variations in the proportions, etc.

But at the same time, I personally as a buyer wouldn’t feel
comfortable buying products like these now that I know it’s very
heavily based on another artist’s style. I think it’s one thing
to base your charms off of official art, but it’s a different thing
to heavily copy the style of a fanart for a certain series.

Idk about all the legal stuff, but I think it’d be good if the artist
did mention somewhere that her artwork isn’t affiliated with
the official merchandise line.

She already did mention they were based on the Tales of Friends style. I think that makes it obvious enough that she’s not trying to claim them for 100% originality in style, despite drawing and designing them herself. And in no way does she ever claim them to be official merchandise or try to take credit for the style.

I don’t see what the problem here is. Fanart legality issues that everyone  faces and is already aware of aside (the, she was inspired by a style and drew her own inspired version and made charms of it. Where is the problem here? They’re not traced or copied and they’re not being passed off as official merchandise. They just look similar to some official merch (and I’m not talking in a YOU TRACED THIS!! kind of way because I just said that) and now everyone wants to paint her as some con-artist/art thief? Does that mean people should stop making Pinch charms or stop drawing in a certain style? Does it make you uncomfortable when people draw fanart in Sailor Moon style because it looks nice? “but she’s m aking money off of it!! 1” yeah no. Why would you be upset about the style looking similar to something else, when she never stated it was official merchandise or meant to be a knock-off or anything even close to it.  The “price” side of the debate is the dumber part of this argument as most artist’s keychains/charms I’ve seen ARE $10 or so anyway because unlike official merchandise they’re likely not produced at the same mass-production level and take a chunk out of the artist’s own wallet as well.

You even mentioned it yourself that you posted all this only because she got sarcastic with you, when you were the one being rude and basically telling somebody what to do, and what they can and can’t do in your own terms (‘this style is too similar so you NEED to stop’ like come on you literally just tried to force somebody to change in a way YOU want them too and then got mad when they wouldn’t)

I already addressed in my post that she had said they were based off of the official merchandise. Like literally its right in my post -_- and I never said she traced it. I said its heavily copied off of the official merchandise. Have you ever read con rules too? You’re not even allowed to be selling anything that mimics official merch. Its against the rules. And they are EXTREMELY similar in style, and its wrong to sell style-copied merch? Because many people don’t realize that its not true to the artists own style. And many don’t appreciate buying that. Where did I slander coyfish? I never said she traced, I never said she didn’t source the charms, the only thing I said is that she was being rude when confronted about it. And our exchanges weren’t even forcing her to act the way she did. It was literally questions on my end and her clarification on the other??? So please don’t try to start a one sided arguments if you just read coyfish’s post and decided to throw mine over your head -_-


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