I just read (most) of iamacoyfish’s response to my post on her blog

and Let me just tell you

That everything that she said is exactly what every anon said

and that my entire post went over all their heads

All my responses were thrown in the trash too lmao

1. I stated she said she based the charms off of the official

2. I stated the ywpd charms did not have official merch

3. I stated that I wasn’t going to post until she responded rudely (MEANING I WAS PLANNING TO POST BEFOREHAND UNTIL I THOUGHT OF MESSAGING HER FIRST LMAO)

4. I stated very little about it being about copyright (I only asked her about it)

5. The meaning of the post was : Its dirty to sell crap that you copied the style off of something else, as an artist thats not right so don’t buy it because thats just dirty¬†